I discovered tapping when nothing else worked.


Are you facing roadblocks on your journey to build the business of your dreams? Then I would love to help you experience freedom from any fears, anxiety, and stress, and open up to new insights and opportunities that were invisible or impossible before.


How it all started…

I’ve been a business coach since 2005, helping entrepreneurs create successful online businesses and multiple streams of income using their knowledge.

I loved my business. I was running live events, selling training courses, and running one of the largest communities online, generating $500K-$600K a year in revenue. 

But when in 2015 I suddenly started having panic attacks, my life and business completely changed.

Panic attacks were absolutely scary and debilitating. I couldn’t imagine getting on stage to do public speaking or to train groups like I used to. I became confined to my home and could no longer run my business the way I used to.

I couldn’t even get past my mailbox without experiencing a panic attack.


Fortunately, a friend at the time offered me an EFT tapping session (Emotional Freedom Techniques).


I was very skeptical and resisted anything that felt too “woo-woo”.

If I couldn’t understand it, it couldn’t work on me, right?

Amazingly, after just a single tapping session, my panic attacks subsided for a whole two weeks, then after several months of tapping – stopped completely.


I couldn’t believe it!


I’ve been now tapping for over 8 years to help me achieve new goals and overcome any new challenges in my business and life.

I have become so passionate about EFT, I decided to become a Certified EFT practitioner so I can help others in difficult times of their lives.

EFT can also help you grow your business!


Tapping is a method used to bring down anxiety, overcome fears, resolve trauma, and shift negative thinking.

It can also be used to help you identify any deep-rooted issues that hold you back from growing your business.


“Milana, your combination of extensive business background, intelligence, and the ability to carry out EFT tapping is at a level that I’ve never seen before. You just have a gift. I am walking away with an incredible clarity about my business and know exactly what I need to do next. Nothing will stop me now!”

Terry Pilch, Certified Holistic Health Coach




Unlock your success using the power of EFT tapping

I’ve been working with clients using this amazing technique, and the breakthroughs they have had were phenomenal.

I’d love for you to experience the power of EFT tapping and how it can impact your business and your life.

After building multiple companies including a software business, a virtual training company, and one of the largest coaching communities online, I know that building a business of your dreams cannot happen if the fear of marketing and sales are holding you back.

Yes, tapping is a little “woo-woo”

Many people who know me are completely surprised to learn that I got into such an unconventional or metaphysical practice. I see evidence of EFT working for myself, my family, and my clients every single day. So give it a try — you might be surprised at how well it works for you, too!

I use my two decades of business experience combined with my EFT skills to help entrepreneurs grow a successful business.


In addition to being an EFT practitioner, I do ballroom dancing, paint rocks, play piano, and work on building my coaching software business.

You have big dreams for your business and I would love to help you turn them into reality.

Don’t let any fears or negative past experiences stand in your way – unlock your success with EFT tapping! Let’s work together so nothing stands between you and your business success.