Here’s what clients experienced after working with me

Our EFT tapping sessions have been a life-changing experience for many of my clients! They’ve experienced profound shifts in mindset, greater emotional resilience and an enhanced ability to cope with stress.

“Your combination of extensive business background, intelligence, and the ability to carry out EFT tapping is at a level that I’ve never seen before. You offering EFT to business people would be extraordinary. It looks quite effortless when you do it, but I know it’s not. You just have a gift. I am walking away with an incredible clarity about my business and know exactly what I need to do next. Nothing will stop me now!”

Terry Pilch, Certified Holistic Health Coach

“I have no words. I no longer feel resistance to marketing my coaching program! I feel so much lighter, like something has been lifted. My soul feels hopeful, relieved, and I am finally able to move forward with growing my business.”

Eileen Franco, Certified Holistic Wellness Coach

“You are amazing! I’ve experienced EFT tapping before, it was nothing like this. There’s something very special about you and the way you do it. You helped me release something that I’ve been scared to work on for years, and now it’s gone. Even the tension in my body disappeared. I can now fully show up in my business and really be seen. Thank you so much, I will send everyone I know to you!”

Lucia Mitro, Energy Healing Practitioner

“The ability to deeply release something you didn’t know was there is monumentally powerful for you and your business. And that’s exactly what Milana helped me do. She actually picked up on something big that I’ve been secretly worried about. I’ve been so stuck this year, and being able to release whatever has been holding me back means I can now move forward and serve my clients with confidence. Thank you!”

Amber Dancy, Business Systems Consultant

“I am so much more open to bigger opportunities in my business. And to receiving more money. I feel so much lighter… What a relief. My creativity opened up and ideas started to flow.”

Keri Mitchell, Curriculum Developer and Life Coach

“I’m not generally an anxious person but I was really nervous about something personal that was coming up in my life. I did a tapping session with Milana and she instantly helped me not only feel less anxious, but more empowered. She’s intuitive, calming and caring. I feel so grateful!”

Cindy Schulson, Founder of Marketing from Within

“I consulted with Milana regarding a conscious block that I had related to my line of work. I was anxious at first, but the more I heard Milana’s statements and repeated them after her while tapping along, the more relaxed and confident I felt. Her words were right on target for me and I’m sure they will make a difference. I even felt physical relief in my shoulders and was able to breathe easier. I am very grateful for Milana’s dedication and guidance, and I highly recommend her as a tapping practitioner.”

Tammy Bar, Social Media Marketing Agency Owner

“Logically and intellectually I already knew what my issue was when it came to scaling my business. But internally I had a lot of resistance. Milana was able to dig deeper, uncover the root cause of this issue, and helped me see exactly what’s been holding me back. Not only do I have this new awareness, but I was also able to release a big part of this issue and am now feel excited to moving forward with new confidence and clarity in my business…and new ideas, too!”

Eiji Morishita, Movement Makers Founder

“I get so much out of working with Milana! She has a knack for zooming in on your challenges and spitting out some simple fix that you are not seeing yourself.

I recently did a tapping session with Milana to work on a lifelong issue around speaking. She’s so present and was able to hone in, and get to the heart of it, in just that session. Since then, I’ve been so much more relaxed, and am amazed at the result.”

Robyn Post, Financial Coach and Writer

I used my 22+ years of business experience to develop tapping workshops, so I’d love to share with you what my clients have said about working with me:


Milana has been a leading innovator ever since she started her work in the coaching industry. She has some sort of “x-ray vision” that allows her to see what the rest of us miss. Even if your business is already doing high 6 figures, she always sees a path to scaling it with less work. This is Milana’s brilliance. She’s a master of knowing exactly what to cut, what to keep, and what to customize for your business. She’s like an overflowing fountain of cutting-edge ideas to quickly grow your business.

Jim Niswonger

Founder of Enlightened Profits and Conscious Marketing Rebel


A willingness to experiment where others stay still, superior listening that deeply gets the value a person brings, and staying power to help get through the ups and downs of entrepreneurship – these are the things that Milana Leshinsky brings to our industry that set her apart. Her kind, yet firm, focused intention on revenue has been proven time and again in the 15+ years I have known her. Thanks for being a trustworthy pillar for us, Milana.

Andrea J. Lee

Author, Multiple Streams of Coaching Income and CEO, Thought Partners International


Everything! Everything changed. Milana has an amazing ability to see the essence and SIMPLICITY of any issue and help you find quick solutions. For the first time since I started my business, I actually KNOW what I am doing. I am getting NEW clients into my business. I KNOW what I need to do. I am DOING IT! And I feel incredibly supported and safe. Being highly innovative, Milana is seeing the unique possibilities in others.

Jamie Siv Rognstad

Branding Archetype Coach

You have big dreams for your business and I would love to help you turn them into reality.

Don’t let any fears or negative past experiences stand in your way – unlock your success with EFT tapping! Let’s work together so nothing stands between you and your business success.